ACS Sports Heat

It's 10 o'clock when I'm typing tis blog... I'm busy now. I'm not supposed to be online anyway, bcoz today is the day of ACS Sports Heat... Top schools from all over Singapore juz came for the sports such as race, relay, discus, long jump. Ugh... So boring, you know. It's a compulsory anyway to attend tis event, although they dun take attendance.. Damn suck, isn't it??

Sorry for my short Blog today.. I'm tired. I stay awoke until 2 a.m. last nite to finish my English Narrative story composition. I didn't hav any idea to write a compo, but fortunately I've got the TYS(ten year series) English book for copying the compo which (coincidentally) was same. Hahax... Budaya murid Indonesia(tukang nyalin) tetap dilestarikan, ya..

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