Yesterday I stay awake until 3 a.m., and therefore, I didn't go down for breakfast this morning. So, I'll have to pay another $2 Fine...

Today, let's talk about something different. Hm.... Maybe about my higher education. You see, that now I'm in Sec 3. Next year, I'll be in Sec 4, and facing O-Level exam in the end of the year for entry to the JC (Junior College). The JC consists of two years. So, it will be 4 years to go to the University...

I'm not even sure whether I can continue my JC in Singapore, in US, UK, or even Indonesia... I'm still in a flap about that, bcoz my marks doesn't seem to be able to continue my scholarship for JC here... If I study harder, of course I can continue my JC anywhere I'd like.. BUT, I do not want to continue my JC in Indonesia! Never!!!

Well, sorry for saying this, but have I mentioned to you that I loathe Indonesian education before?? Everything is very controlled, as if the Principals there are dictators... I also have another several reasons for that, but as I don't want to make any of you readers angry, I'd better keep quiet about that. Let's juz hope that I can continue my JC and University in UK or USA, oK? ^_^

I really hope that I can pick the main course for the university later: either Humanities or English Language. I really like English, and I also like anything that is related with Country Studies(like French studies, Japanese, studies, Celtic studies, etc.). Like that. That's why I've been back to my proper English lately and not Singlish.

Hm... I guess that's all for today. Oh yeah, I hav somethin else to talk about. It'z about girls. Yes, girls. Hav I told you that my school is going to accept girls next year?? My school and my life will be more "colourful", then. Hahax... Especially Chinese girls, they make my eyes "FRESH"!! Yep, my favourite are Oriental-face girls. My second favourite are Westerner girls. Sorry not to mention Indonesian girls as my fave, bcoz non-Indonesian girls seem to be more..... Ah, I can't say that word. It would be very impolite if I say it. Of course it has nothing related with sex, but it's related with how the girl is being raised up. I guess you'll know anyway. The word starts with letter "E" and ends with "N".

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