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Yesterday I didn't put entry on my Blog.. Sorry for you all who waited for it, bcoz the library was closed due to an event. I was really curious to see my Blog and Friendster, so, right after lunch I hurrily rushed into the library to go online.

Erm.. Yesterday's account??Almost the whole day I spent in Orchard bookshops: MRT station Popular and Kinokuniya.. Not boring, Bcoz I really love books. For comparison, we may say that Orcard Kinokuniya is ten times larger than the bookshop in Pasaraya Blok M (I forgot which bookshop, is it Gramedia or Gunung Agung?), so I spent about 5 hours browsing "all" comics(the Japanese and English ones) and Fantasy novels, of course. I really love Fantasy novels bcoz of their settings which mostly around Medieval, like that lah..

After I went home(Juz an hour before dinner time), I did my homeworks of A-Math and E-Math which were drudgeries(I continued doing them after dinner, too. I did it until 10 o'clock). Then I read the book I borrowed from library, "Anne Frank, The Diary of A Young Girl", which is a poignant book about a true poignant Jewish Dutch girl's account for 2 years until her family were all caught by the Nazis(It was wriiten in 1942-1944). I had discovered from my friend's History textbook that the Nazis had killed approximately 5.9 Million Jewish in concentration camps around Europe. That's a very evil thing for them to do, especially Adolf Hitler(the Head of Nazi) and Adolf Eichmann(The organizer of The Final Solution of Holocaust). I really can't imagine how German Nazis by that time could be that evil in being racist to Jewish... If I was a German, I would say, "Hitler ist der schlechteste Mann in der Welt", which means "Hitler is the most evil man in the world".

I read the book of Anne Frank's diary until 2 a.m. . Of course I didn't only read that book, I also read "The English Teacher" by R.K Narayan which my Literature teacher had told the students to read. Bcoz of staying awake until 2 a.m., I woke up at 12.30 p.m today!! Hahax... Very lazy. I know I'll get Fine of $2 anyway, for not taking Breakfast. But fortunately 12.30 is juz the time for Lunch, so when I woke up and saw my alarm clock, I juz hurrily went down to the Refectory(Dining Hall).

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