A bit about the dorm I live in

Today's school was started with Physics, a lesson where the teacher is damn boring, and i spent almost the whole lesson half asleep(u know, like sleeping with the eyes open, lor). The second was A-Math, and yeah, in here Sec 3 was still studying about Logarithm, quite easy if we compare with Indo, huh??

Um... In here, u know, the jajan is quite expensive if we compare to those in private schools in Indon. Usually I jajan about $3.00 (Rp16,500) a day, a plate of some kind fried rice or we call it here nasi lemak and a glass of lemon tea. But actually i dun eat that nasi lemak, i juz come to the Japanese food stall for a plate of Unagi(Eel) Set. In here, it is a compulsory to jajan at school, bcoz that's the lunch for a day. So, we have to, otherwise we'll get famished...

Oh iya, i hav mentioned that i sometimes sleep during those boring lessons, rite?? Yup, for some of us ACSian scholars, class is our "second bedroom". Startled? Hahaha... Juz kiddin lor, dun take it seriously.....

I'll tell a story now about my daily life. I live in ACS(I) Boarding School, exactly at the first hall, Hall 1 (asrama dibagi menjadi 8 Hall, masing2 in charge of HallMaster and Halltutors yang menjaga para boarders).In my hall, there are about 50 boarders who live together like a big family). I live in a 4-bed-room, together with scholars from Bali, Vietnam, and PRC.

Tat's all about my boarding school.. heh... I'll tell more tomorrow, bcoz juz as usual, i only get the chance 30 minutez online in a day, using the school computer, u know.. A very short time, and i can't type with 10 fingers!!

OK then, tat's all for today, bubye!!

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