Fines in Singapore

Hmm... Fridays are independence days, bcoz the school ends at 12.40(which from Mon-Thurz ends at 2.40pm). After 12.40 at freeday, most of the students usually involved in their UYOs(Uniform Youth Org), but I dun, bcoz mine is on Mondayz...Well, i'll tell more bout S'pore. As u know, tat S'pore is a country of fines, rite?? Actually, the fine rulez exist everywhere here.. Even punishment in my boarding school alwayz use fine, not physical ones like those in Indon.. Untidy room, defiance, ungentlemanly act, skipping Prep(preparation, time for studying), all have fines which usually is between $2-$10. Hm.. I have got fines several times, usually it'z bcoz of skipping the meals.. In here, the BS(Boarding Sch) has a system that each students must order the meals they wanna take for the weekends(Breakfasts, Lunches, and Dinners). They are free, indeed. But the problem is that i usually stay late during weekendz, and on the next day i can't take the breakfast bcoz of overslept. And the fine for skipping breakfast is $2. Total, i've paid fine $14(All for the same reason)....

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