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Today's blog... Wah, dunno what to write for today.PE(pelajaran Penjaskes) lesson at school tis morning made me quite tired for the whole day, and I spent the rest of my Math lesson which is boring with half asleep. Actually i dun really like the A-Math here, (In Singapore, Math for Sec School is divided by 2, A-Math(Additional Math) which is harder than Indon Math, and E-Math(Elementary Math) which is much easier). Yah, I juz struggle lah, with the subjects here like Chemistry, English Literature, and A-Math... Actually for the other Indon scholars, both Maths are easy, but it's a bit different for me. First lesson today was Physics, which is the test(There are quite a lot of tests lately, but different from Indonesia, S'pore schools only have tests once in two months, different from Indo which is once a week)... Haha...

Maybe all that for today... Oh ya, for you who dunno, i live in a boarding school of Anglo-Chinese School(Independent) in Dover, Singapore.. Life in here is very hectic lor, because although almost no tests, there are piles of homeworks to do everyday... And another thing, ACS(I) is a boys' school, which make life very boring or "colourless" during schooltimes, bcoz I dun see galz here... Galz really make life colourful, you know... Especially S'porean galz, most of them are huaren or Chinese descendants, and I like to see them better than Indonesian galz (Sorry for being DISCRIMINATE)... Haha... Ok then, maybe that'z all for today. I have made a very looong Blog today, bcoz.. yeah, maybe starting by today I'll try to write my schoollife in this blog everyday, juz to practise my "storytelling" abillities.. OK?!! Bubye!!

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