Amish people

A conventionally well-dressed kind of lady in her 20s came to the counter demanding assistance. After she was helped and walked away, I called a co-worker.

"Dude", I remarked, "That lady looks just as if she comes out of a Jane Austen book"

By well-dressed, I really mean conservatively covered up in an Victorian style of fashion. Nobody, absolutely nobody dresses up like that in America these days (except for Halloween).

an approximate image of what the customer's attire looked like. Courtesy of Wikipedia.

"Oh, she's probably Amish", Rob answered.

"Really? We have Amish in Kentucky?"

I've always thought that the Amish are confined to the New England region of Massachusetts or Pennsylvania.

"As a matter of fact we do. There are two towns I know of which are Amish"

"So they don't use electricity or telephones there?"

"Well certain Amish people nowadays use the phone in case of emergency, and most have used electricity too. But it's kinda interesting though to see how most of them still resisted the more recent technological advances of cellphones or computers"

"Yea. That's fetching"

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