Winter solstice

In exactly a week from today is the Winter Solstice, which is the "official" start of Winter season for Northern countries.

I wish I could escape to Okinawa, but what the hell. Limited on coffers.

Anyway, am I ready for winter?


Firstly, food.

I have purchased over $100 worth of food in over the course of less than a week, filling my refrigerator and cupboard to its fullest. Mostly pasta (ranging from Rotini to Rigatoni and Vermicelli) and noodles though.

Hence, I will still have a food supply for one full month even if (God forbids) I get stuck in my apartment for a whole day, being unable to get out due to a blizzard.

Secondly, medicines and vitamins.

Since I still live without a roommate, it dawned upon me one day that I'll be a dead meat if one morning I wake up and find myself having a high fever.

So now in my cabinet I can find every single medication that may be necessary for any kind of fever, cough, asthmatic symptom, flu, allergic reaction, or wounds and scrapes.

I also take some multivitamin to help me get thru the day, and occasional sleeping pills whenever I find myself back home at 3 a.m. in the morning and have trouble to go to sleep (Though our body is tired, human mind usually remains active at those ungodly hours, which is a damned ironic thing)

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