Can't stop working



"How can you stand working three jobs?" I asked her, "I offence here, but you don't seem like you have a good physique to stretch yourself that hard.."

Apart from being a part-timer as my coworker, she also babysits during the morning and work as a shoe company saleswoman on certain days. But one thing that me and some folks knew is that she does not have that much of a good health: she has a heart problem and a weakened kneecap.

"That's the irony, T... I just can't stop moving unless I fall asleep. If I stop working, I'll be in pain for being still"


"Uh-huh", she nodded, "That's what my doctor told me"

Wow. I never know that there exists such a medical condition.

akhlis  – (16 December 2009 at 07:35)  

Melissa's just like my grandma. She insists on washing her own laundry while a washing machine was bought for her, sweeping the yard vigorously like she was still in her maiden days..

You know that some folks are destined (=cursed?) to be constantly mobile and active almost all the time?

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