No more cash

These days I no longer carry a single cent on my wallet. Kerry told me it was too dangerous, because having cash means making yourself a prone target for those lurking in the darks of night. Especially with me having to ride a bike home for six kilometres almost every night.

So for every paychecks I receive, I deposited them all into my account. I am firstly not used to using debit cards for every purchases I made, but it is just a matter of getting used to it.

And it helps me save money too. Because with no cash, I can restrain myself from having to use my money for vending machines.

Ah, vending machines. What a way to promote frugality.

boonsp  – (5 December 2009 at 10:27)  

I prefer using card to cash. Having an empty wallet discourages me to spend on snacks like old chang kee or just buying unnecessary stuff and I can keep track on my spending by printing the monthly report. however, food stalls at canteens do not accept NETS! let alone VISA... so there.. I have to keep a certain amount of cash to survive.

thomas  – (8 December 2009 at 22:27)  

Uh huh, one of the main things that encourages you to use your card is that it's easier to keep track on ur monthly expenditures..haha which is a great thing :)

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