Don't you know that you have a fetish?

an object of irrational reverence or obsessive devotion
(Merriam Webster)

Yes, you do have a fetish.

I find it amusing that we (and I'm talking about the entire humanity here) share this same fetish. It looks childish to most of us who are grown adults, but we never really grow out of it.

Be forewarned: This picture may awaken the inner child in you. Don't get so agitated, now.

As a matter of fact, the entire humanity loves it. You may be a four-year-old boy from Bangladesh or a 35-year-old bank manager from Sweden, but you still love popping bubble-wraps anyway.

The only difference would be the fact that the bank manager prefers to pop them in secret...when nobody else is watching.

Don't you just love to pop her? Oops.
I mean, her dress.

For further unleashing of your fetish, click here.

akhlis  – (30 December 2009 at 04:07)  

Pop her? Gross..
Thank God she's not Pamela Anderson or Dolly Parton

akhlis  – (30 December 2009 at 04:24)  

T, you once said you've got a laptop but you go for Windows Xp instead of Vista. I tried installing Xp on my SATA harddrive yet failed completely. So can you tell me how you do that? Something's wrong with my Vista. It's getting lamer day by day, which irrittates me to no end.ughh...

akhlis  – (30 December 2009 at 04:29)  

If you have much time to rescue this lad in distress, email me at happy new year, pal!

toshi  – (12 January 2010 at 12:44)  

Doesn't seem too bad from the pic given tho, eh? Hehe

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