Zero privacy

On my very first days of living in this 380 square-foot apartment room, I had the window blinds snapped into two. The leasing office had previously written on my room's notes that it was a new blind, hence my bewiderment.

With my room being on the first floor and facing the parking lot, it was quite a nuisance during my first couple of days because I had no privacy at all: I cannot even undress in my own room!

Moreover, the bright sunlight of the day enters my room as soon as the sun rises, forcing me to wake up without alarm clock at around 8.00 everyday, despite my work shifts that start at 15.00.

But thank God the apartment's repairman has substituted it for a new one now.

For gratis.

Now I can finally change and wake up late.

akhlis  – (15 November 2009 at 12:19)  

Being unable or too ashamed to undress, Toshi? It's nice to undress while some hotties are parking their cars, I'm pretty sure they'll stare at you with mouth agape... Haha ^_^

toshi  – (20 November 2009 at 15:52)  

But i'm afraid those babes will start videotaping me in secret and upload my pics in voyeurist websites... My body is too hot to resist, u know ~,~

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