If your girlfriend was a boy

"Dude, let me ask you a trivial question of the day", I said to Mark.


"What would you do if one day you discover one day that your girlfriend was a boy?"



"Yea well... I'd kill myself."

"But why? Don't you wanna kill her?"

"Hahaha that won't make any difference dude... Even if anything happens to her, I would still have to suffer the shame of being ridiculed by people who say 'Hey take a look at him, he used to date a she-man!'"

I laughed.


So joking aside readers, what would you do if one day you discover your significant other as belonging to the same sex? Question is open to answers, criticisms, or jests.

akhlis  – (15 November 2009 at 10:23)  

It's totally fine as I'm a he-woman.

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