Milli Vanilli

Do you know Milli Vanilli?

If you are born after the 1980s, chances are you don't.

Yet a friend of mine recently told me about how this musical duo achieved its notoriety for lip-syncing on MTV stage...and the tape got stuck.

What's worse, that particular song had won a Grammy previously, and as a result of that unfortunate incident, its award had to be revoked, causing downfall to the duo.

I know it's not funny to laugh at the demise.... But it certainly is to watch the video of how the lip-syncing went awry.

You can check it out on this Youtube link.

akhlis  – (31 October 2009 at 00:58)  

I was born in 1980s and heard once about this utterly debasing faux pas. Hmmm, wonder where the duo have gone since then...If I were them, I might've had my face a total plastic surgery, from hair tip to toe. Just in case someone recognizes me as Milli Vanilli. I guess they should show up once in a while, resuming their career, start a new beginning with a brand new nickname: Milla Vanilla (Not Milli Vanilli).

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