Libraries and new hobby of collecting bookmarks

Lately I have been patronising the Barnes & Noble bookshop and the public libraries in Union and Florence.

Especially these American libraries...they are such a marvel, you can borrow 50 items at once (whether they are CDs, DVDs, audiobooks, or printed books) for 21 days!

In the libraries I usually spend the entire day -I would've stayed here from dusk to dawn if I could- but since it opens at 9.00 and closes at 21.00 every weekdays, I spend only 10 hours of my holiday hours there.

Now one thing I found amusing is my newly found obsession for bookmarks.

I've found bookmarks which advertises the library's website and some Starbucks promotion and what's so good of them is that they are free.

So now I've found what it means to be a regular guy, just like everybody else.

Because since my childhood, I've seen other boys collecting anything they are obsessed with: some ask for stamps, some collect soccer balls, others find love in kites, shoes, musical instruments, and some of those fucking rich brats always come to school with a new electronic gadget or cellphone every once a month or so.

While I was left by myself...the only male species found not interested in collecting anything.

But hey, I collect bookmarks now! I promise you people I'll upload a picture of my collection someday.

akhlis  – (31 October 2009 at 01:17)  

If I may quote your remark "So now I've found what it means to be a regular guy, just like everybody else", oh buddy, you should be sometimes proud of being a 'perve'. It's fun! Uniformity sucks, believe me ^_^
I know, how hard it is to deal with peer pressure (Thank Lord, that phase is past!). Now to be distinct is a lot sexier, that's what I believe.
Speaking of your newly discovered craving, look forward to the uploaded picture you've promised

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