A shameful parade

The other day in my French class (just a few days before he departed to Paris), Raynd was caught by one of my classmates with his zipper open.

Prita happened to be the one who noticed first. Then she notified some others who also kept a giggle of the class.

After the whole class had known the story, we broke laughter in unison.

Madam queried, “Why? What’s so funny?”

Prita then asked rhetorically, “Madam, Quest-ce que c’est ‘zipper’ en français?”

It would not be that embarrassing if our class was just a normal class, with a roughly equal divide between males and females. But it was a French class, where there were merely three of us the guys for every 10 girls.

undine  – (3 June 2009 at 00:43)  

berarti pembicaraan soal zipper dan fetish sudah selesai ya, T? ;p

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