Questioning the concept of heaven

Some people believe when they finally go to the Paradise, they will join a chorus singing praises to the Lord everyday.

(How much more boring could that be?)

Some others believe that they will become the Deity when they enter heaven.

(Uh huh... So they mean that there will be millions, or possibly billions of Gods and Goddesses in Heaven?)

Some also choose to believe that they will be entitled to several virgins in heaven.

(Yeah right. Why would we be interested in having sex in Paradise anyway? Aren't such earthly desires supposed to be left behind when we die?)

Now here is what heaven looks like...

I believe in God, I assure you.

I also believe in the concept of heaven and hell.

But I don't necessarily ascribe to any specific description of what heaven seems to be, especially when mouthed by those who only focus themselves on what their holy books say.

I still think that heaven looks exactly like what our inner hearts wish it to be, because if I were to follow those three views aforementioned....

Gee, I'd rather stay on earth forever.

The first view above is too boring, the second one is too haughty, and the third is too promiscuous.

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