Why you shouldn't refuse unpalatable meal in an eatery

This may have been an open secret which is known among hoteliers and restaurateurs alike....but I will reveal it anyway for those of you who have been too naïve to know nothing about it.

During our very last class outing, my former Madagascan French teacher told us against reprimanding waiters and/or chefs in a restaurant.

If the food ordered somehow does not satisfy your taste buds, or the appetiser does not meet your culinary standards; you should simply ask the waiter to wrap the food (for a take-home), pay the meal and leave in peace.

Why is it so?

It is due to the fact that when you censure any waiters for your unpalatable meal and ask for your steak to be compensated by a tastier one, the waiter will go back to the kitchen and return a couple minutes later with the same steak....and some other God-knows-what ingredients.

And by those God-knows-what ingredients, I do mean it as nauseating, because it could be anything from the chef's perspirations, mucus, saliva.... Yuck!

Disgusting, is it not?

Sadly, that's the truth which exist in almost all countries in the world.

But oh well, you could still reprimand the chef or the waiters if you wish. Just make sure that the food is already served and never let them have a hand on your meal before you decide to give them some scolding.

And don't come back to that eatery ever again, lest they would remember you and decide to give you those "ingredients" the next time round.

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