Do bus conductors really make a big fuss out of torn money bill?

It was one afternoon when I was paying the bus conductor with my Rp20,000 bill. Well the bus fare only normally costs Rp 2,000: I was looking for some small change so that I don't have to make a pretext for myself on buying ice cream sundaes in order to have small changes

Almost as soon as I handed the money to him, he returned the money bill to me showing that there is a tiny weeny bit of dent on the lower right-hand corner of the bill (or lower left-hand, depends on which side is facing you. anyway, go on).

Omg, the money has been rendered invalid, I gasped to myself.

I tried to recall to myself where did I obtain the money and it came on me: that new McD eatery in Pondok Cabe had given that Rp 20,000 as a change two days before. I knew it and I could not be mistaken since there is no other 20,000 bill on my wallet.

So then I was forced to pay the bus conductor with the exact fare of Rp 2,000 instead; something I would not normally do.

Along the bus trip I murmured incantations on that new eatery for creating such a problem for me...will my money bill be rendered invalid if I use it to pay for drinks in a warung stall? Because if I couldn't use the money, then it would mean that I have lost 1.4 Euro worth of money...worth one weekday movie ticket if you ask me.

Then I decided to make my next attempt on paying the angkot (minivan transportation) driver by using the Rp 20,000 and.....Voila! He accepted the money bill and returned me with those changes I needed!

It's either he didn't notice the dent or he didn't mind of it at all.

Anyways, if he's gonna have any problems with that money bill in future payments, it has become his business.

Problem transferred.

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