Vlog considered

I once used to consider turning this blog into a vlog, until I opted not to do it because it is too troublesome.

First, I have to regularly make perfect (or near-perfect) audiovisual renderings of myself to be displayed to the outside world.

Second, most of the internet connections in Indonesia, be it bandwidth or dial-ups, tend to freak us Indonesian netizens when we have to upload relatively large files of video (since most video files contain more than 1 megabyte).

This reason also leads me to believe that since nearly half of the clicks to this website come from Indonesia or any third-world countries (where the connections are usually slow), people would be discouraged from opening a video streaming, what with all the time it takes to load, mind you.

Third, I could no longer mask my identity. Well you could always find out the real identity of who Toshi really is if you trawl deep enough in this domain (or ask Uncle Google), but the thing is: I'm half-anonymous here. I prefer to be recognised in the blogosphere as Toshi only, and never by any other name.

Hence I decided to continue this blog in its traditional form, nothing more. I reckon continuing writing would suffice.

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