The missionaries I encountered in Pamulang

A couple of days back I happened to chance two Caucasians in their late 20s embarking the angkot (public minivan) I was in.

Hey, that's an unusual sight.

Each were carrying a Bible in Indonesian, and by their name tags I knew straightaway that they were English. Two acquaintances of the angkot driver soon strike up a conversation with that "Hello Mister" prologue which I reckon has been too familiar for expats living in Indonesia (regardless of whether they really DO speak English or not).

I could have chatted with them if I had time, but by the point they embarked on the angkot had almost reached my destination. In less than a minute after, I alighted, paid the driver with the usual fee of Rp 3,000 and leave.

I took a last glance at those two Christian missionaries and wordlessly wished them good luck.

I just hope they were not proselytising religion could cost them their life.

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