No topic is too taboo to discuss

Those who have known me for quite long would know that I am the kind of person who never shies away in discussing any kind of topics most people rarely discuss in open such as those on sex, religious or racial bigotry.

It is not that I am always inclined to discuss those things.

Nah, indeed not. As a matter of fact, I sometimes do feel uncomfy whenever I touch those topics, as I always have to maintain a good balance between political correctness and political incorrectness.

But wait a sec. Why "political incorrectness"?

As an out-of-the-ordinary type of guy, I personally think that sometimes we need a certain tinge of political incorrectness in our life.

What's with all those courtesies? Once in a while, human beings do get tired with those courtesies, don't you think? (unless you happen to be a member of the royal family, of course).

Kick those courtesies out of the window, please.

No topic is too taboo to discuss for Toshi. Whatever your sexual fantasies or religious leanings are, I could always manage to find a way to discuss them...without being indecently offensive.

Just try with me, or go ask my friends.

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