Human brains are all the same

A friend of mine back in Singapore (V-gong) told some of the guys that there is no such thing as one person is dumber than the other.


Because all human brains are the same and they have identical capacity within the same range of age.

Which means that if you are a 25-year-old guy born without any deformities, you have exactly the same capacity of brain as your 25-year-old pals.

Then why do some people appear more intelligent than the others, some may ask.

It is due to the very fact that people wire their brains differently. Some may have very good abilities in using more percentage of their brain (say, 3% of it), while most of us ordinary mortals continue using our brain only to the 1% of its maximum range.

Well, "10% of your brain" was widely accepted then, but the new fad is on 1% now.

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