When God is playing with the "water taps"

You know, it gets kinda pissing off to have this kind of season...

Rain and sunny weather intermittently present themselves upon us the residents of Jabodetabek (Greater Jakarta) area.

10 mins of rain one moment, 30 mins of sunny weather the next, and soon we find ourselves drenched wet with another hour of rain.

Gee. What a sickening season.

I just wish it would stop.

I don't really care about the annual flooding in Jakarta actually (because I'm never affected, hahaha).

But it's still a sickening season notwithstanding.

There's no dry-cleaner at home, and due to the absence of sunlight, we couldn't manage to have the clothes hung to dry... So the dirty clothes have to be sent to a laundry service (which are unsurprisingly busy with loads of customers these days).

There's no longer 24-hour service for the laundry service.

They could only manage to finish the clothes by Sunday, which is a waaaay long time to go.

Gee, I have to wear my clothes with caution too.

Yonna  – (22 January 2009 at 05:08)  

LOL reading the title...taps? hehehe

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