Tintin, bookish, and street smart

The Tintin movie is bound to come out next year (2010).

Quote taken from Hurriyet:

With the agreement of Herge's wife, Fanny Rodwell, US filmmaker Steven Spielberg plans to make a trilogy of cartoon movies, the first expected out next year.

Ah, one of my favourite animations ever!

I just can't wait.




Meanwhile, there is this new rubric on The Jakarta Post called "Street Smart", which I assume to be the replacement for Simon's regular column (he had migrated to the newbie English-language newspaper in town, in case you people haven't noticed).

Street Smart is to be written regularly every Sundays from this week onwards.


As the writer, Kartika Jahja, puts it:

....and I will be littering your lovely Sundays from now on.

Yes, I am your average Indonesian girl. Born and raised in Jakarta with all the stereotypical upbringing that has been the subject of many politically incorrect jokes.


Have a look at her very first article there, which is an interesting insight that chafes at our daily urban life in Jakarta. Mainly targeted for expats, yet it could provide a giggle or two for fellow Jakartans too.




For you booklovers out there, have a look at Matt's blog. A voracious reader, apparently.. A graduate of comparative literature, almost every single one of his blog posts discusses books and reviews them (as of today, he has made 177 book reviews.. way to go!).

The number of books I have finished reading in my entire lifetime has just numbered 50 in Anobii (excluding comics), hence there are still 127 more tomes for me to devour if I want to catch up with his pace.


Yonna  – (22 January 2009 at 05:20)  

i love Tintin so much and pissed off recently when figuring out 9 of all them are gone without leaving a trace :((

i'm planning to buy 9 titles very soon. tintin is my childhood and my lifetime glee. can't wait to watch its film.

and thanks for the street smart new rubric.

btw, how are you, T? :)

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