Demise of an uncle

Then again, this news just came in a couple of mins ago (7:15 PM of Jakarta time, to be precise).

I'm sorry to say that this is not a really delightful day after all.

Particularly since about an hour or so ago, the father of a childhood friend of mine (Z) had passed away.

I've known him as an affable man, who is always ready to lend friendly advices and warm chit-chats whenever I drop by for a visit in Z's house... And he looked perfectly healthy when I last saw him last week, before taking Z's mom for a hospitalisation.

I know the possibility of you ever dropping by to my English blog and reading this message is tiny, but I just hope you could weather this well, dear...

I offer my prayers to him and those beloved ones who have survived him.

QY  – (13 December 2008 at 19:18)  

Oh dear. I'm so sorry for the loss. Please take care.


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