Yesterday (7/12) was NOT exactly my favourite day of the year.

While the day before was spent by watching Twilight with a dear friend (and the sky was bright), I thought I had gotten up the wrong side of the bed on Sunday.

It started off with all those JLPT I did in Unsada.

In the morning, I wondered perhaps I could meet Silmi again, if she was to take this year... I was about to look for her name on the examinee list when I realised that the ones taking the same level as I did (level 3) numbered to roughly 700 people.

And the names aren't arranged alphabetically at that.

Geez, that would take quite a hell to look for someone's name (despite the fact that I know her full name).

It has been a while since I last contacted her, perhaps it would do well to drop a message in her Facebook... She congratulated me on my last birthday anyways.

Seeing that most of the examinees knew some other people whom they could chat with, I knew that I could not have been taking this test alone this year.

Citra was supposed to be registering too, but it was a tad too late when I informed her of the deadline. be it, she missed two levels on two consecutive years.


The JLPT questions themselves were hellish.

For example, I had to spend a long time on three particular questions that deal with a comprehension passage about Kaigi-shitsu (they wrote the Kaigi in かいぎ instead of 会議).

The whole passage didn't make any sense to me for the next bloody fifteen minutes, until I realised that the word "kaigi" means "conference" in English.

Goddammit, life could've become much easier if they had written in the normal Kanji instead!

Then during the recess time, Sis R phoned me that she's not coming to Jakarta as her aunt's house in North Jakarta would be packed by families outside the town. Staying in a hotel for a week would pretty much drain her pocket, so....

AH, Why on earth did I pick up the phone anyway?!!

I could've let it unanswered, or she could have chosen a better timing (e.g. during the exam) so that the phone call could turn into a Miscall instead.

But nah, I answered it.

Hence the rest of the exam's session was spent with my mind divided between some personal issues and the test's challenging questions themselves.

It sure was NICE to hear that she's not coming to Jakarta. Could things have gotten any worse?

Unfortunately, yes.

When I got home, it dawned upon me that I was tired. And slightly vertiginous.

So I slept.

When night came, Lina informed me on MSN that Anggi had taken Egy, Na, Pt, Kr, and Koko for a treat in her father's restaurant in Legian.

Of the whole bunch that night, only Lina and Pt made a mention of my name.

Neither Egy nor Koko had asked any curious questions regarding their former comrade here in Jakarta...

Bah, it's just sad that they had forgotten me... Though in retrospect I am a bit delighted that Pt remembers me quite much (she never really paid me much attention when I had a little interest in her back in our schooldays), I am still just disappointed in those two guys of mine.

I think I played a role to be blamed too, since it was me who cut communication from either of them.

And then there's that thing of the past which still haunts me till this day. But how could they paid no attention at all, not even to the point of asking my name or what I am doing now in front of my former classmates?

Oh well...

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