Between nuclear, education, and terrorism

Don't you find it ironic sometimes that certain countries are more inclined towards having nuclear power in their country and spends large bucks in their military, yet they spend so little on education?

Take Pakistan for example.

They have an illiteracy rate of 48% amongst the productive age group, yet they have so much to brag about regarding their nuclear power.

No wonder those countries have high rates of poverty (and terrorism too).

When you could not afford to read ABCs, it is easy to infuse outside ideologies into your mind. All you need is a big brother to watch you over with some money backings from terror-oriented organisations and...Voila!

There you go, it suddenly becomes way too easy to look for radical supporters in the villages.

Jonas –   – (6 December 2008 at 08:14)  

Indonesia has 90.4% literacy rate according to the recent ciaworldfactbook, and yet it still has a huge radical muslim influence. From the masses to it's supporters in the political system. The judicial system could not even give the proper punishments the perpetrators of the bali bombings deserve.

So, what can one say about another country when one's own is still in shambles. Is the root of the problem fundamentally in the corrupt government? Or is it the immature mentality of the self deemed "little people"? Or is it indeed the religion that is to blame? "The illegitimate son of Abraham", whose seed happens to be the pain-in-the-ass the world has to deal with. Maybe it's a melting pot of those three, with a sprinkling of misfortunes.

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