Intentional and unintentional "wrong SMS delivery"

on the unintentional SMS deliveries...

It's a dangerous thing really to gossip about a particular person thru SMS. I almost broke a friendship once because of such a case.

This happened a couple of years back in Bali.

I was chatting with a friend (let's call her Nina) thru SMS , and the main topic was one of the guys (let's call him Ron) in our class.

There was some kind of misunderstanding about a particular event in our class, and as a result, I had to explain everything... Of course, the blame was mainly loaded on Ron.

So I was supposed to send this SMS that says something like this to Nina:

"It's Ron's fault and bla bla bla..."

However, it was wrongly sent! Instead of sending that SMS to Nina, I sent it to Ron!!!

When Ron finally replied that SMS, he could find out straightaway that I was gossiping about him. Then he threatened to break his friendship, one thing that I had feared the most.

It was Sunday morning when I delivered the SMS, but after making a direct apology thru the phone, he had forgiven me by Sunday evening.

Thank goodness, it was a disaster averted and a lesson learnt.

Starting from that day onwards, I always made it a point to check (and recheck) the SMS destination before hitting the "Send".



on the intentional ones...

You may find it peculiar here, but I also had this habit of "sending wrong SMS" intentionally.

Yes, intentionally.

This is a bad habit really. The purpose of sending wrong SMS is none other than making the person (read: girl) concerned jealous.

I had done this several times in the past, but let me pick out a particular experience that still makes me laugh till this day.

There was this girl in my class who used to like me a lot (let's call her Elise). Though she never said anything about it, nor had she ever declared anything to me, almost everyone in school know the truth that she liked me.

Frankly, Elise was quite kind and caring towards me. However, she was not very attractive that I decided not to respond anything on her "undeclared liking".

Yeah, it sure sucks... But we guys truly are creatures who put the last judgement on what we see, girls! Lolz.

Now let me get back to the topic.

Being a doubtful type of person as I always am, I decided to "send a wrong SMS" to Elise that was more or less sounded like this:

"Ok Na, let's meet up tomorrow afternoon (^_^) "

That "Na" was supposed to be referring to another female friend of mine who was quite close to me.

Well... I thought it was enough for Elise to pick up the small "fake hints".

Her reaction was something of a disappointment, as I could see clearly depicted in her reply.




Of course, I no longer send wrong SMSes as of today. If I really had to gossip about a particular person, I prefer to do it thru my YM or MSN or e-mail or phone call instead of explaining everything thru SMS.

Yeah, I no longer continue that bad habit of sending wrong SMSes deliberately. It was designed to hurt anyway, and I have learned a lot in all these years since I quit that habit that, whenever I hurt a girl, the Karma will bound to hurt me sooner or later.

Yep, that Karma had hit me a couple of months back... Hahaha

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