Do I care?


My sis Melody called.

I glanced from the novel I was reading.


"You know what... I think [name undisclosed] really likes you... Nah, she's in LOVE with you!"

I gazed at her eyes for a second before continuing what I was reading.

"Oh", I answered unsympathetically.

"So.. so... What do you say?"

"Good for her!" I sneered at my sis.


"Meaning, do I give a bloody care? You're not the first person to say that anyway, so I suggest you stop that matchmaking activity of yours with [Person A], [Person B], or [Person C]! I'm kinda fed up with that, understood?" and with that I gave her the most scornful smile of the day.

She gave me that uneasy evil I-think-I'll-give-another-try-when-Toshi-cools-down kind of look before she left my room.

Anonymous –   – (1 December 2008 at 02:58)  

sister? hueheuehue...i did the same thing to my single friends too. try to be a matchmaker while they think i am not more than a pest. LOL.

luckily no one says "I'm had it with all your matchmaking attempt, so scoop!"

maybe it's because I try not to push too hard on it. It is their personal life you are stiring in. being attentive and being a pest at the same time is nothing delightful.

please forgive your sister, hueheuheuehe

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