So be it!

There are various kinds of people who say that they are afraid of taking air transportation; simply because they fear the possibility of dying by a plane crash.

In my opinion, those kind of fears are basically foolish.

Now why do I say so?

If our destiny is to die by a plane accident, so be it!

Why should we be afraid of taking a plane simply because we are afraid of plane crash? Our destiny is determined by God, ain't it?

Below are the 'comforting' words I always say to myself (and I hope you use it for yourself too if you have a fear of flying). Well... They may not give you comfort, but at least you know you won't be alone.

"If there should be a plane crash, don't worry. There are hundreds of other people taking this same flight, at least you won't die alone anyway!"

Now the statistics has shown around the world that out of 13 million flights every year, there is only ONE flight that resulted in a crash and fatalities.

That is a very small ratio if you compare it to other means of transportation, such as bus or ship.

Well, taking train perhaps is still a safer mode than plane (since the only possibility of having a train accident is by a derail); but that certainly means that travelling by plane is the 2nd safest mode of transportation.

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