f'X atmostfear

Just tried the atmostfear yesterday, a seven-storeyed high slider in f'X (the new mall in Sudirman, Jakarta, which is said to be the offspring of e'X which is located next to the Japanese embassy in Menteng).

I am not sure if the concept of the attraction itself is borrowed from abroad (I haven't done any research on this.. Perhaps anyone has any info?)

If you are curious as to imagine what kind of attraction this atmostfear really is, just try to picture out a Waterbom (known as Waterpark in Kuta, Bali) slider without any drop of water running through it. And yeah, it takes a hell lot faster than Waterbom sliders to get from the top to bottom (ranging from 9 to 11 seconds, depending on various factors of the person concerned, such as height or weight).

Now how do you obtain admission for a 10-second atmostfear sliding?


After spending Rp100,000 in any outlets in f'X that day (be it bookstore, cellphone retailers, or food court), you could exchange the bills with one coupon which is applicable for seven days from the date of exchange.

Now I must tell you, I personally find spending money of Rp100,000 to be a very fluid thing to do, especially since the cost of almost everything there is relatively more expensive than in other malls.

For example, to buy a full meal in food court in Pondok Indah Mall food court, one needs to spend a mere average of Rp20,000 to Rp30,000.

In f'X, the average price of a meal in food court would fare around Rp40,000 to Rp50,000.

Almost twice as expensive, could you imagine that?

Thank goodness there was a Gramedia book fair (which would cease around Halloween, methinks) where I could spend money more wisely for those slanted-priced books. I bought a book titled Bilangan Fu by Ayu Utami, as it had been a long long time since I purchased a book in my own native Indonesian language.

Should you wanna try sliding in f'X atmostfear, I warn you: there is always the potential of getting injured by bumping your arm, wrist or knee. I myself injured my right arm, which scared me off from taking it the second time.

Mom, my cousin Pat, my sis Melody, and I had altogether spent Rp286,000 that day until we decided to hike our spending for another Rp14,000 as to make it a round number of Rp300,000.

And yeah, we exchanged those bills with three coupons to be spent latest by 28 October!

(too bad, none of us really vie for the chance of sliding in atmostfear again due to the little injuries that each of us obtained. Lolz, Mom decided to give those three away to her pal's family members)

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