How was your first five minutes of meeting me?

I once read a psychology article that says:

First impression is always crucial. When you are about to meet a person for the first time, make sure you appear at your best look and you are in a good mood. The first five minutes of meeting him/her defines his/her perception of you for the rest of your life.

Oh really?

That article is a bunch of Bullshit.

This is why I am particularly picky when reading up on Psychology... Those smart-arse psychologists always think they hold the key to the universe inside humans' minds, while the facts may not concur with them.

Looking at my own experiences, a large number of my close friends today disliked me when they first met me.

When I asked them how was their "first five minutes" impression of me, their answers vary, from the typical ones like this:

"You seemed so quiet, so boring... But hey, how on earth could I become close friends with you in the first place, eh?"

(a common testimonial taken mostly from my friends in Indonesia)

to the ones which are slightly irritating:

"Frankly T, you looked damn weird back then. I just wonder how on earth could we become close friends like today... Lolz, comparing the Toshi back then and Toshi today is just sooo different"

(a common testimonial taken mostly from my friends outside Indonesia)

Why am I not surprised.

As a matter of fact, I saw them that way in return.

I didn't like any of my close friends when I first met them.

It is perhaps more of a bad trait of mine to view people more with disliking than liking that, whatever kind of person you may be; I disliked you at first.

Hahaha... There is no such thing called "love at first sight" for me; or in my case, liking at first sight.

I disliked almost everything about my friends when I met them for the first time; and the only way I could become close friends with them like today was just by getting to know them more over a couple of weeks (or months).

Which is why I tell you; first five minutes of impression is NOT that important.

The important thing is to plant the seed as we will surely reap the benefits in the end.

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