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Last Thursday my Windows crashed due to unknown reason and when I reinstalled the operating system, I unknowingly chose to partition my C disk which contained most of my precious data.

For those of you who are unaware, I have been offline since last Friday as I handed my CPU to a technician to have its data recovered. This blog seems to be updated daily since I have deliberately put it on to an autopilot mode (thanks to Blogger for this feature!)

I was deeply shocked as the C contained a lot of my data. Moreover, I did not know which data were lost.

I was a bit relieved to find out that all my snapshots (yes, especially those narcissistic ones) are kept in D which was left intact. Most of my MP3 collection were kept in that same disk, thank goodness.

Most of my ".exe" softwares are kept in E disk which also turned out to be 100% OK.

So on the next day I went to a computer technician and asked the guy to have the data recovered. I did not expect full recovery as I knew it was impossible. To have 25% of my data recovered would be a grateful thing enough to me.

I paid Rp50,000 after having around 60% of my data recovered.

Then, I find out that the data I had in C are:

* Downloaded pictures from online = 10% recovered.
* Downloaded videos from online = 10% recovered.
* Downloaded songs from online = 80% recovered.
* Poem collection = 0% recovered.
* Yahoo and MSN chat logs = 0% recovered
* Novel and short stories collection = 100% recovered.

I lost most of my downloaded pictures and videos but never mind, I could always download them again anyway!

Seeing that none of my poem collection could be recovered, you must have thought that I was in an utter despair.

But nah, You're wrong!


I just thank God that I was born a narcissistic person that I had printed my ENTIRE poem collection as soon as I wrote them.

In the end, my only disappointment was to lose all my Yahoo and MSN chat logs which could never be recovered again...

Ksatrio Mbojo Ireng  – (25 August 2008 at 18:03)  

I had the same problem as is yet resolving it, care to share the contact of the data recovery professional you've hired?

Thanks and regards from West Africa!

QY  – (26 August 2008 at 02:51)  

hey how to use tt autopilot feature? i cant find leh

toshi  – (26 August 2008 at 12:13)  

@Ksatrio: i think west africa is a bit too far from Indonesia, can't u find any computer technician in your continent there? :)

@qiongye: u don't need to turn on anything. just publish the blog with a future date and it will automatically position itself on an autopilot mode..

QY  – (27 August 2008 at 10:21)  

but that autopilot mode will only generate one post on that one particular day rite? is it possible to say like automatically post like one post every other day?

toshi  – (27 August 2008 at 13:11)  

u can freely post any autopilot posts on any days as many as possible, dude.

just modify the time-date settings, it's that simple.

for further info, go to this site :)

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