Getting over it for good

A Balinese friend of mine who currently lives in Melbourne -let's call him Agung- has taught me a lesson that the life I've been leading may not be that painful after all.

Recently I saw a poem excerpt on his MSN status and it seemed sad enough... It tells about how the coldness of winter is paining him, especially with the emptiness in his heart (FYI, it's winter in Australia now).

And so I asked him, "Agung, is that MSN excerpt taken from a song?"

"Nah, it's from a poem I composed two weeks ago.."

"A poem? Is it about that Singaporean girl again, dude?"

"Yep, sure is..."

Agung had been head over heals over Regina (not her real name) for the last two years. Too bad for him, she has chosen another guy over him, despite the fact that she hasn't known the new guy that long (this story is overtly familliar, eh?).

In July, Agung told me that he should be able to get over it quickly since she has recently returned to Singapore after all (and not coming back). He refrained from logging in to his Messenger at certain times as not to chat with her at all, and hence getting over her quicker.

But apparently, it was easier said than done. The poem he just composed was an obvious example. He copy-pasted the entire poem and showed it to me.

I consoled him, "Dude, I understand you.. It sure was hard for me to forget my pains too.."

"Was it about that girl you told me, T?"

"Yep. But I'm totally over her now.. I feel neither anger nor happiness anymore whenever I meet her now. But geez dude, it took me quite a time to let her go! Four months, could you imagine that?"

"Glad to hear that, hehe. But at least you're still able to amend your feelings quite quickly... It took me a year to forget the girl before Regina"

Oh. My. God.

Months is painful enough, but a year??

Geez, Agung really is one tough guy.

I just thank God that I don't have to go thru the same pains as he had...

Because just as my Medanese friend Stanford told me,

"I'm not gonna waste my time thinking about dating girls anymore... They're just hindrance to my future success"

I got surprised when it came out of his mouth, since he was quite popular with girls and all that. But I do think that he has got a point there.

I may not agree to Ford to a large extent, but that quotation of his has certainly helped me to overcome my own pains.

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