TV Channels and Reverse psychology

I used to tune in to Animax and Star World for daily doses of serials, but not anymore. Following serials have become a bore to me, especially since they oblige me to have some sort of regularity when it comes to watching TV.

As for now, I only tune in to these channels when I turn on the TV:

  1. CNN. Seeing what's hot on the news.
  2. Channel News Asia. Simply the best channel to have your news delivered from a very Asian-oriented perspective.
  3. Al-Jazeera. A channel where we get to know which new places in the Middle East are bombed everyday.
  4. BBC. Nothing special from this channel really, except for the fact that I love emulating British accent.
  5. MTV. Seeing what's new on the music world.
  6. MNC Music Channel. A daily dose of Indonesian music.
  7. Metro TV. Indonesian news-oriented channel.
  8. Trans TV. An informative channel with good shows.

In the past I loved to watch Indosiar, which used to be the most couch potato-friendly channel in Indonesia, but ever since it substituted its Korean and Japanese drama series for the freaking stupid Bollywood-ish Indonesian sinetrons (soap operas), I ceased to watch it. I hope the people in Indosiar are offended by this blog entry, because this is of course meant as a constructive criticism.

Lemme get to the second topic.

Over the last couple of days, I have been playing some sort of reverse psychology in front of my closest people.

Of course I don't lie to them: I despise dishonesty above all else when it comes to people's traits.

The only thing I do is just creating the impression by dropping fake "little hints" here and there on my Friendster, Facebook, MSN, and YM so that they generate the impression that Í'm doing something that I really don't do.

And when they ask me questions like, "Toshi, are you doing this?"

I would answer honestly with a "No, I'm not".

They wouldn't believe me of course, because I always make sure that my honest answer looks like a lie.

Man, I really am nasty, aren't I?


Such is the joy of reverse psychology that I don't think that I will stop this game at anytime soon.

Well if you read this blog entry today, I suppose by now you have figured out what kind of reverse psychology I am playing. And you should be happy that you are lucky enough to be my regular reader that you won't get fooled by this little trickery of mine.

PS: The last paragraph above is directed to three of my regular readers; one in Bandung, the other two in Singapore (^_^).

Akhyari  – (13 July 2008 at 08:56)  

Indonesia TVs are the national nightmare. I guess they will halt our development

Rob Baiton  – (13 July 2008 at 12:09)  

Reverse psychology is a two-way street! How do you know that we have not been playing this game with you all along?

Takes two to tango :D

Just a thought.

toshi  – (13 July 2008 at 12:49)  

@akhyari: it really is. that's why I choose to subscribe to cable TV :)

@rob: now that you're telling me, I guess you might be correct :|

hmm.... but i still hope they're not the one playing it on me though :)

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