Is it worthy to commit suicide because of a broken heart?

Worthy my arse.

Over the last two months, there has been a kinda spooky story circulating around the Indonesian housewives and students about the "Tinggal Kenangan" song which was written by a girl who was dumped by her boyfriend. Soon after the song was written, she committed suicide.

The song has reached an odd kind of popularity due to the fact that it brings some sort of mystery within it.

Now aside from the mystery itself (I don't give a shit whether the story was real or not), I think that if a person commits suicide because of a broken heart, that person really deserves some time with Satan down there in the inferno.

That is, if the person in question believes in the existence of afterlife.

But what if he/she doesn't believe in such stuff? His/her soul would simply cease to exist, right?

Love is just a plain stupid cause to die for.

This is exactly why I've always treasured friendship over love relationship. You may have your ups and downs with your friends, but unless you lose contact with them, a friendship usually remains forever.

On the other hand, love relationship tend to go for the extremes. When one is head over heels for the person, one would sink into his/her world, and everything about him/her fills in every page of one's life.

But the thing has it that when people break up with their lovers, most tend to have a 180° attitude towards the person concerned.

So... what should you do if you have suicidal thoughts after breaking up?

Stop blaming yourself would be a good start.


Even if you know that you're the one who is at fault, you still should look for anything in your loved one that could make you hate him/her.

Because it really isn't worth the cause.

And trust me, friendship is always much more valuable than love relationship.

Rob Baiton  – (13 July 2008 at 12:06)  

Suicide is an interesting issue. I have always considered it to be a cop out and an act that does not say courage but rather coward. I no longer think coward but I still think suicide is a selfish act because it denies those that want to help that chance to help.

However, lately I have been wondering what drives people to the ultimate act of taking one's own life? Depression is a serious illness and it really is not an issue or courage or cowardice but one of how we deal with our demons and how we move forward.

Suicide is never acceptable, although I understand the supposed honour in committing hari kiri in Japan as a means of avoiding the embarrassment of defeat, and we as a community must work together to see the numbers of suicides fall.

It is an untenable situation when you have 12 year olds hanging themselves from the rafters because they have been bullied at school.

My philosophy has always been one of, you never know what happiness lies around the next corner! I am an eternal optimist. I appreciate that a person suffering severe depression might see the philosophy a little differently and say, what other trauma lies around the next corner that I am going to forced to face.

Is it an acceptable response to a broken heart, no! By committing the act you leave behind all those who love you, care for you, and perhaps would die for you, with broken hearts of their own.

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