Song fetish

I have a fetish for songs, which means that if I chance upon a new muzak that got my ears hooked, I must be able to download that song (for free of course) on that day no matter what.

If I don't know the title of the song, the best thing that comes up in mind would be to google the lyrics. This has proven applicable to the English, Japanese, and Indonesian songs I've googled (no, I don't download French songs... Despite having studied the language for 3 months now, their tongues are still a bit too fast for my ears).

But what if the song is instrumental? I have no other choice but to let it pass.

The kind of instrumentals that caught my ears is mostly the groovy ones, with the typical Stardust or Bali Lounge-ish kind of songs... They are the kind of songs that most ordinary Indonesians don't like, hence it is of no use if I ask around what the title or who the artist is.

If only those Silicon Valley nerds have created a software that could google instrumental songs with certain tunes (e.g. an unknown song that starts with C-C-D+C-C-D-D+C), I'd like to have one, please!

(and in case you're wondering: No, I don't google for Classics, despite my deep liking towards that genre. I have got too many classics on my hard disk that I'm content with them already)

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