More of a pet-lover

Whenever I visit a house where there are both toddlers and pets, I naturally spend my time more with the pets than the kids.

It's not really that I'm not fond of kids though, but the thing is; I just don't have that much affinity to connect with babies and their likes. Which is the reason why, in my current young age of 18, I don't very much favour having children as soon as I am married.

I still don't know if this decision of mine should change one day later though. Because as I know it, learning process towards maturity could take one's lifetime and any events or events I may have down the road later on may force me to change my approach towards this issue.

But in case you're wondering: yes, I love pets very much. As a matter of fact, I really couldn't stand living a single year without embracing any cats or patting any dogs. If I'm about to live in small spaces like dorms or flats in the future, I think little animals like the bunny rabbits or fishes in aquarium would suffice, though I would still very much hesitate to take scaly reptiles to live with me...

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