Ambiguity of "naïve" and "loneliness"


Is "naïve" a positive-sounding word or a negative one?

Those who side with the better connotation choose to associate the word with a childhood innocence that shows the purity and untainted characters of the person concerned.

On the other hand, those who argue otherwise choose to associate it with a complete ignorance of many aspects in one's life.

It's up to you to decide but as for me, I prefer the first association.


I sometimes wonder if there is any better synonyms for "loneliness". Despite the fact that one may enjoy being alone, people most often associate the word with the sadness that ensued after one is forsaken.

Simon suggested a great alternative for the noun though:

[Having holiday here in Jembrana, Bali] was undeniably the true meaning of getting away from it all. I had a delicious sense of, not so much loneliness, as that word is usually taken to have negative connotations. Perhaps aloneness would be a more neutral word. It was an innate peace devoid of 6000 W speaker systems, car horns and advertising jingles; a meditative splendor that one is obviously never afforded back home in Jakarta.

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"Aloneness" is a brilliant word. I just hope those lingo nerds in Oxford would soon add this word to their blue tome lexicon.

PS: Just in case you wanna deny my assertions above; Nah I say to you, "Solitude" and "Loneliness" aren't synonymous. (^_^)

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