A rancorous week had passed

If you have any remaining cash in form of US$ in your piggy banks, I strongly suggest you to convert all of them into €uro or SG$ instead. The Singapore government has recently announced that over the following months, they will let their currency to continuously appreciate against US$. This is indeed a bad news for Indonesia, since the Indonesian currency is so tightly tied to the US$ that any depreciation of the latter would also bring Rupiah down.

A 250 million Zimbabwean dollar banknote (click to enlarge)

Speaking of currency, I read in Economist’s May issue that the exchange rate for Zimbabwean dollar had reached 200 million something for every American dollar and indeed it is ironic to know that the Zimbabwean currency was once stronger than Uncle Sam’s in the 80s. They’ve definitely got an intransigent madman running the country, who is no different from the heartless generals in Burma.

Regarding the last one, do you know that Burma’s capital is no longer Yangon? The junta has relocated it to a satellite city called Naypyidaw (I’m not sure how to spell it though).

Let me get personal.

I love Indonesia so much, but I’ve realised it now: I really need to leave the country as soon as possible.

My English has been devolving and I’m well aware of it: over the last couple of days I’ve been exposing myself constantly to a barrage of English cornucopia in form of un-subtitled Western movies, Economist, TIME, Readers’ Digest, and SAT vocabularies stock on my bookshelf.

You know, it was honestly flattering for me to have all your comments such as… me being witty or smart or whatsoever-you-might’ve-thought-of-me-before-you-meet-me-in-person, but trust me; the real me is so pathetic that I couldn’t stand having it stay longer in Indonesia and let it rot here.

On yesterday’s staying out at his uncle’s home, Boon had told me how my guys have improved a lot up there in Singapore, with all their fun activities and studies and girlfriends.

College is freaking funnn!!!

And I was sort of….. like, biting myself for having withstood staying in Jakarta as a hermit for so long.

Dammit, I’m so furious at myself.

I need to practice my hands on the piano harder, I need to learn French and Japanese faster, and I need to perfect my mastery of English more effectively. There is no use moaning over freaking love problems and all anxieties I’ve had over my moving abroad in the near future, because whatever will be, will be.

And I feel like turning on “Que Sera, Sera” on my MP3 list now, haha.

Funny pics of the day:

A proof that the North Koreans are not dying of starvation

Beware of Anime Acid

Chart of Japanese Population

An early logo of McD

A little hint that Dumbledore was gay

How childish!

The Pyongyang propaganda of what the Korean Peninsula looks like at the night

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