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Just wondering, how many of you people out there believe that Armstrong and friends actually landed on the moon? There is a conspiracy theory that says human might have not landed there at all, supported by some scientific facts that flags couldn’t possibly wave there and other bunches of stuff you could look up yourself. There are always pros and cons to that theory indeed, but I choose to side with the theory. 30 years plus without another landing on the moon has been a bit too long, don’t you think?

If one day the moon is sold to the earthlings,
perhaps Bill Gates would be among the first to own it

As the topic today, out of curiosity I did a test on what element do I belong to, and here’s the result:

Of course, I wasn’t the least surprised knowing that I am a Water. Though my Chinese astrology says that I belong to the Earth element (as also for all Snakes born in 1989), I know exactly well how moody I am and the same characteristic is found in water: I flow according to the receptacle surrounding me.

Meanwhile, just in case some of you might like to refute my yesterday’s statement that “I am the most famous teenage blogger in Indonesia”, let me get the things straight here:

Raditya Dika is now on his 20s and hence, no longer a teenager.

So…. Who’s “the most famous teenage blogger in Indonesia” here?

Still undisputably ME!

Haha, A lil bit of playing vain once in a while doesn't hurt does it?

And so last week I read in the paper of how “The Jakarta Post recorded that 13 people died and 16 suffered severe injuries after being hit by [Transjakarta] buses between March 2006 and May 2008”

13 deaths, what a waste! I wonder if the city administration also bothers to take note of casualties caused by the reckless F1-like drivers speeding on their notorious Metro Mini, Kopaja, or the ilks.

In Indonesia we also have got the idiot in town opening up his mouth on the issue of flag colour standardisation. For Goodness freaking sake, doesn't that so-called expert has anything better to say to the public?

What a dim-wit.

On the other side of the globe we have Grant Achatz, a well-renowned American chef who suffers from tongue cancer (and hence, lost his ability to taste the food he cooks himself). He is apparently still able to sense his food thru other means, as was quoted that “Tasting is more than what happens on the tongue. It is about emotion, translating a feeling, a memory, an experience.”

It is exactly this kind of people, together with the likes of Beethoven who could continue advancing his composing despite his deafness, that should makes us strive more in whatever kind of lives we are leading.

Here are today's pics to brighten up your day:

I wonder if this sign was real in the first place

Beware of smelly feet

When the runner retires...

This cat definitely needs a filter on his computer

A reason why we shouldn't trust people we meet online

Christmas tree-like traffic light

What our social life may look like in the near future

How rumours could start in the office

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