The Bali memories linger on…

After visiting hundreds of Indonesian blogs with higher page ranks than mine, I have recently come to realise that I am the most famous teenage blogger in Indonesia.

Whoa… an achievement! Cheers!

*wine glasses clinked*

It’s still not a pretext for me to be complacent though, because I know from now on I must produce much better writings with this awareness in mind.

Regarding the ongoing football games on TV, please do me a favour by not mentioning it at all in my blog comments, ever. It’s quite disappointing enough for me to see the only European team I like (England) didn’t qualify for the games.

On the main topic today.

Two days ago (10/6) I went swimming to the pool nearby my house, when –out of luck or just pure coincidence— I was greeted with blues and oldies songs like those belonging to Frank Sinatra and some other singers whose name I didn’t know of.

Gosh, they reminded me of my old residence in Sanur!

The most interesting part was saved for last though.

I had tanned for half an hour on my chaise lounge accompanied with some tropical-infused songs when the speaker played Daniel Bedingfield’s “If You’re Not The One”.

If there is any other song in the world that could invoke as much memories as Hoobastank’s “The Reason”, it is this Daniel Bedingfield’s song. Listening it on the poolside chaise lounge, my mind immediately conjured up a fragment of my swims and walks in Seminyak and Kuta together with my Jakarta kins when they came to visit my old villa in Bali.

Someone also used to croon that song beautifully in my class during my secondary school days in my lovely SLTP Cipta Dharma campus (which was located a mere 5 minutes of walking from the Padang Galak Beach).

Haha… too much memories.

I’m considering to write several of my most memorable fragments from my two years of stay in Bali over the next few days (or weeks), so you could expect to see more of Bali here in my blog!

PS: I took note of the day I first left Jakarta for Bali, which was 3rd of July 2002. My family finally moved back to Jakarta on 31st of July 2004.

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