When you’re in the middle of nowhere in the ocean and no help is around…

Do not take off your clothes!

Seriously, if you think that your clothes pull your body down as a weight, think again.

You may not be able to swim, but at least those clothes could help keeping your body warm for a certain time.

And do you know that, statistically speaking, the chances of a non-swimmer to drown (in case of a ship accident) are much less than the chances of a swimmer?

It is logical enough, considering that non-swimmers are more likely to take the lifebuoy than swimmers.

Most swimmers think that being able to swim fast in the Olympic pool is everything, hence their snobbish attitude in refusing the lifebuoys. But they surely don’t know that, in the middle of the ocean, it could be at least 100 kilometres away from the nearest land. And no man could ever swim such a distance!

Yes, not even those English Channel crossers. If you think that they swam the English Channel nonstop, then read their articles again. They had several breaks, and along the way they were accompanied by lifeguards.

So… in case you happen to be in a nautical accident, just remember my two tips above, keep your clothes on and hang on to the lifebuoys!

Anonymous –   – (8 May 2008 at 07:11)  

make sense! yes, how far can you swim? don't be silly, unless you were trap in lake or swimming pool hehe.

at least those tips relieve me, i can't swim but still i will stay away from water hahahah

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