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I don’t really read books nowadays. Both the fictional and scientific types of book tend to bore me. I don’t know why, perhaps a part of my moodiness?

It doesn’t mean that I’ve given up reading though. I still prefer poring thru magazines like TIME, Newsweek, The Economist, or newspaper editorials in The Jakarta Post and KOMPAS.

And for you Jakartans who love reading English-language magazines like I do, you should pay a visit to Rasuna Epicentrum in Kuningan, South Jakarta. The (new) magazines sold there are unbelievably priced at the super-slanted price of Rp 5,000 (€ 0.40). Definitely worth the money.

Bijuk  – (21 May 2008 at 12:50)  

dimananya Rasuna epicentrum ya? btw 5,000 itu buat majalah apa?


Toshihiko Atsuyama  – (21 May 2008 at 20:12)  

di..... ya dalemnya gitu. pokokna yg di sampingnya RS MMC kuningan :)

kan ada banyak toko buku bekas di situ, nah mampir aja ke toko buku bekas yg di samping gramed, di situ ada koq.

5000 buat majalah TIME, Newsweek, dan Economist. bener2 tiga majalah fave gw banget tuh :D

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