If the World War 3 erupts…

and Indonesia happens to be involved, I’d rather fight for Indonesia.

Mind you, it isn’t so much a question of loyalty or patriotism. Rather, it’s more of which side I could give contribute more to.

We all know very well that any country that opposes America would surely lose as proven in the history (the Vietnamese won it back then due to the help by the French and the ingenuity of their guerilla tactics), but still I’d very much prefer fighting on Indonesia’s side.

America looks to me like a college boy who comes from a well-off family.

On the other hand, Indonesia looks more like an infant who comes from a poor family and needs constant feeding and babysitting.

If you’re about to donate alms for your religious obligation, would you rather donate it to that “rich college boy” or the “poor little baby”?

For me, I’d prefer donating it to the poor little baby.

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