Is it bad for a writer to be moody?

Normally I would have written this topic on my other, more personal blog, but today I want to get as many feedbacks as possible, hence my writing here.

I know that in order to become a professional writer, I must split the line between my personal world and my occupational one. However, that line could sometimes become quite thin for writers (especially those of fictional/inspirational ones), since the piece of writing he/she produces requires a certain amount of creativity. And whenever a storm hails down, that creativity tap could get turned off and the writer oneself becomes unproductive.

Without creativity, most of one’s writing would seem quite lifeless, or soulless as I choose to say it, because as we may know, that piece reflects the mood of the writer oneself.

In regards to myself, a couple of downpours I’ve been having over the last couple of weeks in my backyard haven’t been completely cleaned up for now (please mind the metaphor), and it has led me to ponder over the fact if I was really born to be a writer after all. Especially with this heavy blizzard I had yesterday that totally shut my creativity tap off.

As a note, the only type of literature I could produce during blizzards is (sad) poetry. And I don’t really enjoy writing sad poems, despite the fact that they help me to express my emotions in an implicit way.


I love writing because I know I do love it, but I always feel immensely guilty whenever my creativity tap is blocked by such hindrances. For any writers out there who have their own ways of isolating such emotional fluctuations as not to let them affect their work, I would greatly appreciate if you would share them here.

Rob Baiton  – (17 May 2008 at 15:36)  

moody and bothered is good for a writer because it gives you lots of source material to work with!

Remember that to be a good writer you do not have to always reside in the positive and happy sphere of life...

What people like to read is that which is real! Life experiences that they can relate to and compare to their own!

The other stuff that people require is escapism. Just being able to sit and read something that takes them somewhere else, lets them escape to what might or could have been!

Keep writing!

Toshihiko Atsuyama  – (17 May 2008 at 21:52)  

thanks rob, for the honest advice. u're right, i don't always have to produce positive writings all the time in order to become a writer... :)

Anonymous –   – (21 May 2008 at 13:13)  

thomas, it's not bad at all. might as well write about what makes you moody.

Toshihiko Atsuyama  – (21 May 2008 at 20:13)  

yup, i know that now. thanks, d :)

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