Colour pink for guys

“Change it,” my roommate told me, “ It looks gay on you”

I gawked at him incredulously.

“But Aik Wee wears pink too and he looks fine in it!” I protested.

“He’s different. Not all guys have the same ‘effect’ wearing pink. Certain people could look gay, and you’re one obvious example. Trust me. Especially with that shade of pink.”

I decided to take a look at the mirror to see what he’s really talking about. He was true. While the pink in Aik Wee’s T-shirt was of this shade:

mine looked like this:

which was much more feminine in comparison. His reasoning sounded logical enough to me that, in complete obedience to his words, I decided to change my newly-bought SG$5.00 pink T-shirt for a white one. In the end, I sent that pink T-shirt back to my Aunt in Indonesia (who is of the same size as me).

Light pink doesn’t usually draw spectators when worn by guys, but darker pink does. And now that I thought about it, this dear roommate of mine had just saved me from the embarrassment of my life.

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