My first visit to Starbucks

Holland V, Singapore, February 2005 (The era before Starbucks first appeared in Indonesia)

Source: Uncyclopedia

“Starbucks? What’s that?” I asked my Indonesian friends.

They seemed clueless. Then one said, “Some kind of a café. I heard they serve nice coffee there.”

Oh great, I said to myself.

Some came inside, some stayed outside. Those who stayed out were not necessarily coffee-allergic like me. But rather, they were disheartened by the overpriced stuff that the café serves.

That was well-nigh my first visit to Starbucks.

Source: Wikipedia

Plaza Indonesia, Jakarta, November 2007

Almost three years later, I finally stepped my foot to embark on a “journey” entering that place. It was in Plaza Indonesia with my buddy Ford.

Gosh, it reeked of coffee.

I must admit, coffee emits a kinda nice aroma, but I just couldn’t stand it. I’d rather gulp a whole bottle of vodka rather than having a sip of coffee.

Ford knew of my allergy, but I chose to enter Starbucks together anyway. I decided then that it was a “now or never”.

After around half an hour there, I finally got the idea that it wasn’t a particularly traumatic experience after all.

Being a lover of freebies, I figured out that they served free milk there, hence my wallet remained intact during the chat I had with Ford there.

Will I visit Starbucks again in the future? God knows.

But one thing for sure, I would ask this question before considering dating a girl, “How often do you drink coffee?”

yonna –   – (29 April 2008 at 23:00)  

for non-coffee lover, we can still drink chocolate, tea, milk even mineral water in starbucks.

i love the hot chocolate, once (when my addicted period appeared) i bought hot chocolate everyday and until i felt satiated then i stop and haven't yet bought that hot chocolate ever since.

another coffee shop, the coffee bean and tea leaf is also splendid but for the taste of its hot chocolate, i'd rather drink starbucks', more delicious.

for lounging, meeting and internet browsing, starbucks and sort of are cozy place to visit

Toshihiko Atsuyama  – (29 April 2008 at 23:53)  

actually, I'm more than just a non-coffee lover. I'm coffee-allergic, and I couldn't stand the aroma of Starbucks' coffee!

for lounging, i'd agree with u, but i think J-Co is a much better place, considering all the tasty donuts they have :)

Bijuk  – (30 April 2008 at 23:35)  

My first starbucks encounter was way back in 1999, and i never thought the coffee was overpriced until i tried starbucks Indonesia :(

J-Co is overly crowded, but the price is cheaper.

you can't stand starbucks aroma or any coffee aroma? *mind my curiousity :p

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