Obligatory padlocks for Indonesian masseuses: What on earth is happening here?

Wow. Kudos to the government for having thought up such a holy idea... This is indeed one of the amazing things you couldn't have found elsewhere in the world. Not even an economic superpower like Japan or USA has ever thought up of such an idea.

Indonesia has become a very holy country these days, with all its Holey streets in Jakarta, the banning of online pornography, and now this.

Believe it or not, this is the real illustration.
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Here is my English translation in case you don't understand the Indonesian news clip below:

The Jakarta Tourism Department is considering to enforce a new regulation that obligates masseuses (i.e. female massagers) to fasten padlock on their undies and skirts. This kind of regulation is viewed as a way to banish the bad image of massage parlours as a promiscuous den or a veiled brothel.

This regulation of padlocking undies and skirts has been enforced in Batu City, East Java. Hence it is not impossible that the Jakarta Provincial Government could adopt a similar regulation soon.

clipped from www.kompas.com
Cegah Ngeseks
CD dan Rok Pemijat di Jakarta Akan Digembok

JAKARTA, JUMAT-Dinas Pariwisata DKI tengah mempertimbangkan untuk melakukan ketentuan menggembok celana dalam (CD) maupun rok cewek pekerja panti pijat. Cara ini dipandang bisa menghapus citra buruk panti pijat sebagai sarang esek-esek atau ajang bisnis prostitusi terselubung.

Kewajiban menggembok CD maupun rok cewek pemijat di panti pijat sudah diberlakukan di Kota Batu, Jawa timur. Bukan tak mungkin, dalam waktu dekat Pemprov DKI mengadopsi ketentuan ini.

Kepala Subdinas Penelitian dan Pengembangan Dinas Pariwisata DKI, Made Karya, mengatakan langkah Pemkot Batu menerapkan aturan menggembok celana dalam cewek pemijat akan dijadikan masukan. Dinas Pariwisata DKI, dalam waktu dekat, akan menjajaki kemungkinan kebijakan Pemkot Batu itu diadopsi di Jakarta.

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yonna –   – (17 April 2008 at 23:47)  

hahahah holey street?! sounds familiar to my ear :D

holy country with holey streets, what a mess huahahaha.

yes, i agree with the program. tourism doesn't mean sex recreation. ummm....just relax your body, mind and soul, but please not your "stuff" hehe.

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